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Meet Ceara

Have you ever felt like you know someone, and then you find out a piece of information that blows you away and makes you respect the person even more? Recently, I had this experience with one of my students. Ceara is an excellent communicator, politely asking questions and clarifying what she needs to be successful in her online course. Throughout her semesters of taking a full load of coursework with GaVS, she has consistently worked diligently to stay on pace with her coursework completion. The work she produces is always high quality and she takes pride in her learning. Over the last couple of months, she has had to undergo extensive medical procedures and yet she barely misses a beat. Her resiliency of working while not always feeling great inspires me to work hard too. She is so tough and I have enjoyed seeing all that she has been able to accomplish in her coursework! She could have every reason to check out or not communicate or have excuses, and yet she continues to press forward in the most resolute, kindest way! If you want to be blown away by her hard and yet beautiful story, read this.

Meet Sanai

Sanai is an exemplary student! She works very hard in her American Sign Language (ASL) course and submits quality work. Sanai is a beautiful signer and a pleasure to teach. She is polite, respectful, communicative, and advocates for herself. Sanai is involved with her school's cross country and track and field teams. She balances school and extra-curricular activities by managing her time well. Sanai also uses the Canvas app to complete assignments on the go. One of her recent ASL assignments was recorded on a bus on the way to her cross country meet. I am impressed with her dedication to her coursework and her sport! Sanai is a role model for her peers! 


Meet Moise

Moise, his mother, and two siblings, fled their village in Rwanda in the middle of the night and were taken to Clarkston, GA, as part of a U.S. refugee relocation program in November 2018. When Moise and his family arrived, Moise spoke no English. At the age of 15, Moise entered Clarkston High School as a freshman. He immediately excelled in his early high school courses, as he continued to work on his English proficiency. During high school, Moise has been on the varsity cross country, track, and soccer teams, worked part time, competed on the robotics team, played and officiated club soccer, and volunteered helping young children in his community. Moise is currently a straight A student at Clarkston High School. This past summer, Moise took two advanced mathematics courses through Georgia Virtual School and completed a final English proficiency program. Moise aspires to attend a selective 4-year university after graduation to focus on computer engineering and, in his words, “helping other people.” Those who know Moise well recognize extraordinary potential in this young man, and have found him to be humble, driven, and extremely grateful.

Meet Bristol

Bristol has been an exemplary student since day one of class. She consistently goes above and beyond the minimum requirements of her assignments and turns in college-level products. Her discussion boards are always outstanding, full of research, extremely insightful, and I always look forward to reading what she has to say. Bristol has maintained the top spot in my class this entire semester thanks to her diligent work ethic and attention to detail. When she communicates with me and her classmates, Bristol is extremely respectful, polite, and encouraging. In her free time, Bristol sings in the praise band at her church, plays piano, and runs on a local track team with her brothers. She is a true joy to have in class and I believe she will accomplish great things! 

Meet Trinity

Trinity is a kind and thoughtful young lady as well as a dedicated and self-motivated student. She uses the various resources provided in her courses. She diligently reviews feedback and asks questions that help her grow and strive towards the highest level of mastery. She is taking 3 AP courses with GaVS and enrolled in remote learning with her face-to-face high school, Woodstock High School in Woodstock, GA.  Dedication and discipline are necessary to achieve consistently at a high level during this most difficult year of the pandemic. Trinity's extracurricular activities include Ambassador (the highest level) in Girl Scout and currently working towards earning her Gold Award. She is also in NHS, Beta Club, and Mu Alpha Theta in her school. She participated in the STEM program during 9th and 10th grade.