Employment at Georgia Virtual School

Georgia Virtual School (GaVS) is an online educational program under Georgia Department of Education's Office of Technology Services. The GaVS program is SACS CASI accredited and operates in partnership with schools and parents to offer middle school and high school level courses across the state.
Opportunities and offerings are available for students to engage in Advanced Placement, college preparatory, career and technical courses, and other electives in a flexible, virtual setting to enhance their learning experiences. Georgia Virtual School provides a teacher-led, virtual classroom environment that is challenging and converges on the needs and learning styles of its students. GaVS instructors are highly qualified and hold a valid Georgia teaching certificate in their subject area.  

Career Opportunities
Career opportunities are posted in the widget on the right. Please check back periodically for updates and details on submitting an application. 

Application Process
All prospective candidates must complete the Effective Online Teaching course (formerly known as TOOL). Effective Online Teaching is Georgia Virtual Learning’s open online model that centers on effective online teaching. Teacher Quality encourages all interested in joining the GaVS team to visit Effective Online Teaching and become verified today.


The content presented in Effective Online Teaching is thorough, and the material is intensely focused on the basic skills necessary to be successful as an effective online instructor. Completion of the course requires commitment and perseverance.  Only verified participants will be considered for employment.

Email if you have specific employment questions. Current job openings are linked on the right side of the page.

Please complete the survey below as part of the selection process. Thank you for your interest in Georgia Virtual School and Georgia Virtual Learning!

Teaching Requirements

Georgia Virtual School Teacher Certification Requirements
  • possess a valid, Georgia teaching certificate
  • be certified in the appropriate subject area for the job posting
  • complete Effective Online Teaching course (formerly known as TOOL)
Out-of-State Certified Teachers
Do you hold a valid, teaching certificate from another state? Visit the Georgia Professional Standards Commission ( for further information about attaining a Georgia teaching certificate. For more information about interstate reciprocity, visit

Requirements for Teaching
Teachers need to have excellent computer skills and be prepared to spend more timeonline with students, teaching and directing learning than in a typical face-to-face classroom. Teachers will be required to complete a training program hosted by Georgia Virtual School. This training includes instruction on the pedagogy of virtual learning and the technical aspects of the online platform. Teachers are also provided with hands-on experiences and mentoring from veteran online instructors.

Please note: Completion of the training program does not guarantee a teaching assignment. Teaching and other assignments are determined by program enrollment and needs at the discretion of the GAVS administration. Assignments are communicated to teachers several weeks prior to the beginning of each semester.

Adjunct Teacher Pay
Adjunct teachers are paid through the Georgia Department of Education on a per student basis each semester. 
• ½ Carnegie unit course - $130/student
• ½ Carnegie unit AP course - $155/student
• 1 Carnegie unit course (block) - $260/student
• 1 Carnegie unit AP course (block) - $310/student

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