Home School Information

Georgia Virtual School courses are available to home school students. An allotment of state funded seats is available fall and spring semester on a first-come first serve basis. After the allotment has been reached, students are required to pay tuition and fees for all GaVS courses. Students register for semesters individually, so make certain all semesters in which enrollment is desired have separate applications.

In addition, you may want to visit the Georgia Department of Education's home school information page.

Home School FAQs

No. Georgia Virtual School is a program of the Georgia Department of Education. Georgia Virtual School serves public, private and home school students.

Home school students: An allotment of state funded seats is available fall and spring semester on a first-come first serve basis. After the allotment has been reached, students are required to pay tuition and fees for all GaVS courses

Tuition Schedule
High school A or B course: $250 tuition
High school AB course: $500 tuition
Middle School course: $250 tuition

Fee Schedule
Out of state fee: $150 per course

Beginning with the summer 2014 semester, home school students are no longer required to take the EOC assessment. Home school students enrolled in courses where EOC is required will take the final exam.

The time it takes to complete a Georgia Virtual course will vary depending on the course schedule your child selects. For an 18 week semester, a half unit class generally requires 1.5 to 2 hours of work per day. Assignments are due every other Wednesday at midnight. For students selecting a 16, 14 or 12 week schedule, the daily time required to complete the course increases.

During summer 6 week schedule, the same half unit class would require about 20 hours per week of work with assignment due every weekday. A 5 week schedule would require increased daily work time to complete the course.

Students may access their final grade reports by logging in to the account and clicking on the link "Viewing my Grades" one week after classes end each semester. Sealed documentation may be requested from the "Request for Official Grade Records" from the Schools Quick Links page.

Parents of home school students are responsible for choosing the courses that best meet the needs of their children. To learn more about Georgia's high school graduation requirements, please visit http://www.gadoe.org/External-Affairs-and-Policy/AskDOE/Pages/Graduation-Requirements.aspx

Georgia Virtual offers state standards-based high school college preparatory courses and Advanced Placement courses. Middle school math, science, social studies and language arts are offered each semester as well.

Home school students are not restricted with regard to the number of courses they may take each semester.

Yes. Pursuant the Dexter Mosley Act (Senate Bill 42), home study students in grades 6-12 may participate in extracurricular and interscholastic activities in the student's resident public school system, with the requirement of certain notification and course enrollment provisions. The law is codified in O.C.G.A. § 20-2-319.6.

At the start of the course, students receive a course schedule that includes assignments and due dates. Students are expected to login to their courses once a day during the week. Students may choose when they wish to work to complete their assignments. Some courses may periodically offer live, interactive chats. In these instances, teachers will give advance notice as to the topic and scheduled time.

A student with a GAVS account can check his/her status by logging in to his/her account and clicking on the link, “Viewing my current enrollments.” Application status can by clicking the link “Viewing my application history.”

Some courses are worth one-half (.5) of a Carnegie unit and others are worth one (1.0) Carnegie unit. In the GAVS course catalog, a course worth one-half (.5) of a Carnegie unit will have an “A”, a “B”, or nothing next to it. For example, Algebra I A or Economics are each worth one-half unit. A course worth one (1.0) Carnegie unit will have an AB next to it in the course catalog. For example, Spanish I AB or World History AB are each worth one Carnegie unit.

A standard of measurement used for secondary education that represents the completion of a course that meets one period per day for 1 year. One unit is equal to a conventional 50-minute class taken five times per week throughout the school year. A one-semester course is worth one-half of a Carnegie unit.

No. Financial aid is not available nor does Georgia Virtual School offer payment plans. Georgia Virtual School accepts tuition payments via credit card.

Students who have not yet entered 9th grade are welcome to participate in GAVS college preparatory (high school level) courses if the home school parent has determined that the student is academically prepared to meet the challenges of the curriculum. Please be advised that in the event your child returns to public school, his/her grade may or may not be accepted and recorded on his/her transcript as local school systems determine which courses they will award high school credit for in the instance of a student completing a high school level course prior to entering the 9th grade.

No. Georgia Virtual School is a program of the Georgia Dept. of Education and as such does not grant credit or award diplomas. GAVS does provide official documentation of the final grade earned for each completed course. Many home school students do not receive traditional diplomas but rather complete course work to meet the requirements of the college they plan to attend. Contact each college admissions office to determine what is needed to meet their entrance requirements. Visit the College Board website at: https://bigfuture.collegeboard.org/find-colleges to locate contact information for colleges of interest.

You will create a parent account which will allow you to view your child's current grades and progress.

Home School Registration

How to Register as a Home School Student
Step 1 - Click on the LOG IN TO GAVS link in the main menu at the top and create an account. You will be assigned a username at the end of the registration process.

Step 2 - Log in to GAVS and apply for the course(s) you wish to take. 

Step 3 - Your application(s) will be reviewed and approved. If additional information or documentation is needed, your GaVS facilitator will contact you via email.

Step 4 - Log in to your account to make payment for your courses.

If you have any questions, please click here and complete the online form. You will receive a response within one school day.