Select the link below to view a course overview provided by the College Board for each AP course. The overviews provide descriptions of each AP course including the course themes and explanations of prerequisites recommended by the College Board.

Please note: For all AP courses at GAVS students must be in grades 9-12. No students in a grade lower than the 9th grade may take an AP course per College Board requirements. There is an exception, however. Students may take AP Spanish or AP French at GAVS earlier than the 9th grade.

Please click here for an explanation from the College Board.

AP Art History
AP Music Theory

Language Arts
AP English Language and Composition
AP English Literature and Composition

Social Studies
AP Comparative Government and Politics
AP European History
AP Human Geography
AP Macroeconomics
AP Microeconomics
AP Psychology
AP United States Government and Politics
AP United States History
AP World History: Modern

Math & Computer Science
AP Calculus AB
AP Calculus BC
AP Computer Science A
AP Computer Science Principles
AP Precalculus
AP Statistics

AP Biology
AP Chemistry
AP Environmental Science
AP Physics C: Mechanics
AP Physics I: Algebra-Based
AP Physics II: Algebra-Based

World Languages
AP French Language and Culture
AP Spanish Language and Culture

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