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Meet Ella

Meet EllaElla is a 9th grade student from Cobb County taking two courses at Georgia Virtual School this semester. She was recently called to the US National Soccer Team in California. Even through all of her excitement and preparation for this important trip, Ella was able to work ahead to complete much of her course work that is due while she is away. Her self-discipline, focus, and responsibility make her an excellent candidate for online learning, and those same traits absolutely contribute to her success as an athlete as well.

Meet Kylie

Meet KylieKylie is currently a 12th grader at Creekview High School. She is a high achieving student who has been working hard to achieve her goals ranging from graduating at the top of her class to one day becoming an oncologist. To help her accomplish these goals, Georgia Virtual School has helped her take many online classes during the summer and school year. Most of all, though, Georgia Virtual School has given Kylie the ability to learn Chinese and connect to her heritage. Kylie was adopted from Chongqing, China, and when her school did not offer Chinese, she decided to make her own path and take it virtually. 

Beyond GaVS, Kylie is first oboe in Symphony within Georgia Youth Symphony Orchestra. She has been playing oboe since 2016. In addition, Kylie was chosen for the honor of being on State Superintendent Richard Woods’ 2020-2021 Student Advisory Council and was selected to attend the Georgia Governor’s Honors Program for biology as a rising 11th grader. She also participated in the Leadership Academy where 20 high school students came together to create a positive social media campaign. Moreover, she is Vice President of Rho Kappa National Social Studies Honor Society and is also a member of National Honor Society, Science National Honor Society, Mu Alpha Theta, and National Beta Club. In her own community, she is an active volunteer at Antioch Christian Church, the founder of a college clinics group at R.T. Jones Memorial Library, and a private SAT tutor. She always strives for excellence, whether it be with Georgia Virtual School, within her local school, or within her community. 

Meet Jamie

Meet JamieJamie has taken several AP-level courses with GaVS and has excelled in all of the courses he has taken with us. He actively participates in live learning sessions, and while he struggles a bit with verbal communication due to a stutter, he very effectively communicates with his teachers through written communication. As he becomes more comfortable in his current online class, he is working up the courage to communicate verbally. Outside of school, Jamie travels around the country racing bicycles, all the while maintaining his grades and enthusiasm. 
Jamie is a straight A student at school. He was chosen as a school peer leader and participates in Sources of Strength, an anti-suicide and mental health initiative. He is an active member of National Honor Society, Mu Alpha Theta, Young Politicians Club, and does volunteer work, mostly focusing on Georgia Cycling League, helping get more kids on bikes. He also plays the classical guitar. In the fall he will be starting the International Baccalaureate program.

Meet Christina

Meet ChristinaIn the virtual world, it can be tough to create educational partnerships with students if they aren't willing to look at courses as more than just a grade. When a student comes along that truly enjoys a subject and only returns to GaVS the next semester with the hopes of being on your roster, then that signals someone special. Christina was in my World History A course during Fall 2021 and excelled in every assignment she tackled. She always created memorable presentations and provided engaging discussions to our class discussion board. 

She also would reach out to me with additional topics of interest because she had never really dived deep into history. I would receive emails from her mom about the engaging discussions they had at home as a result of our course content. Seeing Christina back on my roster this spring was a wonderful surprise, and I do not doubt that she will go above and beyond with every module we cover. She is a great example of a student who takes pride and ownership in their learning! 

Meet Isabelle

Meet IsabelleIsabelle is inspirational to those who have the absolute pleasure of meeting her and getting to know her. She exemplifies the type of student that benefits from and contributes to Georgia Virtual School and all her studies and activities. From day one in class, Isabelle did outstanding work always going beyond the requirements, thinking deeply, and posing thought provoking questions. Her discussion posts inspire other students to participate at a deep level. She does extra learning opportunity assignments when her grade is one of the highest in the class. During our study of Sensation and Perception, Isabelle shared with us that she was legally blind. She volunteered to speak to the group in Live Learning and share how she adapts to have the full high school experience. I dare say, the class motivation to achieve without complaints increased substantially after that day in appreciation of the additional efforts that students like Isabelle make. Without substantial glasses Isabelle could not recognize her own parents if they stood directly in front of her. Isabelle appreciates the flexibility of the GAVS schedule so she can limit her daily time on the computer, avoid migraines, and submit work on time. She can have the module content read to her and listen to the audio and video resources provided to her. Isabelle has not allowed anything to stand in the way of enjoying extracurriculars. She participates in Mock Trial, One Act Play, Cheerleading, and Quiz Bowl. She has won awards in the National Latin Exam, State Literary for extemporaneous speaking, the Coaches Award for Cross Country, and been on the winning State Quiz Bowl team. In addition, she finds time to volunteer as a tutor and write a guest column for the Oconee Enterprise newspaper. Knowing Isabelle, motivates us to aspire to be true visionaries.

Meet Isabella

Meet IsabellaIsabella is a hardworking, kind, and resilient student. She is currently taking two AP classes including AP Spanish Language & Culture through GaVS and AP English Literature & Composition. Isabella is an active participant in her classes and her discussion contributions are always appreciated. She is involved in multiple clubs in her local school and enjoys volunteering in her community. Isabella is also very passionate about helping immigrant teens and recently created a website Helping Teen Immigrants Of America to help this demographic form community, raise awareness, and connect to resources. This young lady is a youth activist who wants to do her part to make a difference and serve others. I have no doubt that she will accomplish great things!

Meet Samantha

Meet SamanthaI have had the pleasure of teaching Sam for two semesters. She is kind and so kind to her peers in class. Sam enjoys the discussion forums in the course and is always finding ways to connect with other students there. She joins my weekly live chats and volunteers to speak and practice with me every week. She is almost like my class assistant, she answers questions in the chat box while I deliver the lesson! Sam is a very responsible student, self-motivated, and an advocate for her learning. She excels in her Georgia Virtual class as a result of these attributes. I have enjoyed being able to assist in her learning, and watching her grow into an exemplar digital citizen and human being.