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Meet Rahdeed

Meet RahdeedRahdeed is an outstanding Georgia Virtual School student. He is the type of student that our program was designed to serve well. He takes all of his classes with GaVS, chooses rigorous courses, and excels in every one of them. He learns all he can absorb in the hours of the day. He goes above and beyond the requirements for assignments and projects demonstrating research, depth of knowledge, and critical thinking. In addition, he gives much back to the program and to his classmates. He is willing to participate, share insights, and encourage others in Live Learning classes and in Discussions. He is intuitive and shows empathy in his responses. Rahdeed is focused on long-term career goals, but still finds time to pursue his passion for music, art, and African History. Rahdeed is humble, self-motivated, inspires others, and does not seek recognition, but he is deserving of the spotlight.

Meet Susan

Susan is a student who works diligently to succeed in all of her academic endeavors. She is currently a student in the SAT Preparation course. Each assignment she submits is indicative of great attention to detail as well as creative effort. Susan's efforts will be evident in the score she obtains on her SAT test, but are even more indicative of her overall dedication to her education. As a result of her work ethic, she has been named valedictorian of her graduation class in her local school system. Congratulations Susan!



Meet Jerry

Meet JerryJerry is an extremely gifted student whose journey is marked by a trail of remarkable accomplishments and accolades. As a musician, he’s been to GMEA All-State Chorus 4 times and received a perfect score during his 2023 audition. He has also passed All-State Reading Chorus’s rigorous Reading Chorus audition which only has 25 available spots for the Bass part. In his sophomore year, he received the Director's Award for being the top leader of his High School Chorus. Through the influence of his leadership, his chorus has achieved all superiors during LGPE in all of his high school years. 

What else does he do? Jerry is a part of the Principal’s Advisory Committee, Ultimate Frisbee varsity team, Asian Student Union, and FASCA.  
In 2019, he studied abroad as a full-time student in Changhua, Taiwan. There, he increased in knowledge of Mandarin Chinese, culture, and global awareness.  
Although his high school does not offer Mandarin, Jerry studies it through the Georgia Virtual School. Throughout his high school career, he has completed all levels of Chinese provided by GaVS.  
In the summer of 2023, Jerry had the privilege of receiving a scholarship to attend Georgia Tech’s Pre-College Building Construction (BC) Summer Camp program. He hopes to continue studying Construction Science and Management at Georgia Tech during his undergraduate college career.  

Meet Sienna

Sienna was one of the few students in all of my years of teaching with Georgia Virtual School that attended over 90 percent of the synchronous sessions for our online class. In addition, Sienna is going to the University of Pennsylvania as a gymnastics athlete. Her dedication to her studies as well as her out of school activities should be celebrated. Georgia Virtual School and the options we are able to offer advances the potential and future of so many students in our state. Both are things we should celebrate.



Meet Elinor

Elinor is both an exceptional Latin student and digital citizen. I was so glad to see Elinor's questions throughout the semester. Her questions showed that she was thinking critically about the material and wanted to better understand the concepts. Her questions were also worded specifically so that I thoroughly understood her needs, and she always followed up these questions with a thank you. While she was clearly a superlative Latin student, it was clear that she was balancing this with extracurricular activities (like being in her school play). She even sent me a message to apologize for not performing with her usual excellence on a quiz because of this. Finally, Elinor actually found a few careless errors in our Latin course, and humbly mentioned this to ask if they were a mistake or not. It has been a pleasure teaching Elinor this semester, and it is very easy to nominate her for the Student Spotlight. 

Meet Erin

Meet ErinErin is an outstanding student that strives and succeeds by delving into the course requirements of AP Chemistry to understand the material and demonstrate her understanding. Her lab reporting is complete, thoughtful and not only met requirements but goes beyond to extend the work to other areas of the content. She communicates clearly in her course work, and her discussion comments to others are inquisitive, thoughtful and foster lively conversation. She is clearly a student to spotlight here, and I predict to be a shining star in her future endeavors.



Meet Anna

Anna is a conscientious, motivated, capable and self-directed student in AP Human Geography AB. This term she has been enrolled in two GaVS courses and has managed to balance all of her work at GaVS and her home high school, maintain very high quality and manage her time efficiently enough to finish a full yearlong course like AP Human Geography AB successfully. Anna takes the initiative to communicate proactively with me when she has questions or concerns. She has had a very successful term academically because of her strong work ethic.