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Meet Elinor

Elinor is both an exceptional Latin student and digital citizen. I was so glad to see Elinor's questions throughout the semester. Her questions showed that she was thinking critically about the material and wanted to better understand the concepts. Her questions were also worded specifically so that I thoroughly understood her needs, and she always followed up these questions with a thank you. While she was clearly a superlative Latin student, it was clear that she was balancing this with extracurricular activities (like being in her school play). She even sent me a message to apologize for not performing with her usual excellence on a quiz because of this. Finally, Elinor actually found a few careless errors in our Latin course, and humbly mentioned this to ask if they were a mistake or not. It has been a pleasure teaching Elinor this semester, and it is very easy to nominate her for the Student Spotlight. 

Meet Erin

Meet ErinErin is an outstanding student that strives and succeeds by delving into the course requirements of AP Chemistry to understand the material and demonstrate her understanding. Her lab reporting is complete, thoughtful and not only met requirements but goes beyond to extend the work to other areas of the content. She communicates clearly in her course work, and her discussion comments to others are inquisitive, thoughtful and foster lively conversation. She is clearly a student to spotlight here, and I predict to be a shining star in her future endeavors.



Meet Anna

Anna is a conscientious, motivated, capable and self-directed student in AP Human Geography AB. This term she has been enrolled in two GaVS courses and has managed to balance all of her work at GaVS and her home high school, maintain very high quality and manage her time efficiently enough to finish a full yearlong course like AP Human Geography AB successfully. Anna takes the initiative to communicate proactively with me when she has questions or concerns. She has had a very successful term academically because of her strong work ethic. 



Meet Sofia

Sofia is an amazing student who has consistently done her best work in my class this entire term. She is prompt in submitting her work and is proactive in asking questions as they arise. Sofia has been submitting the "extra" AP Prep assignments in the course throughout the term to better prepare for the AP Exam in the spring.  
(This course is an AB course and is already packed with required assignments, so I was curious if she thought that the assignments were required.)  
I asked her if she was aware that these assignments were "optional" and her response was that she is aware and she thought that it would be a "good thing to do"---submitting additional prep assignments "in her spare time." Sofia is a student who is truly interested in learning as much as she can and is most impressive in all of her communications, academics and work ethic.

Meet Margaret

I have had the pleasure of being Margaret’s AP French teacher for the Fall 2023 semester. Throughout this period, I have been consistently impressed by Margaret’s excellent academic performance, dedication to extracurricular activities, and remarkable personal qualities. Margaret participated in the World Language Week at GaVS events with an outstanding musical performance. 
It is worth noting that Margaret has received numerous distinctions and awards for her accomplishments in both the arts and biology. This demonstrates her ability to excel in diverse areas of study and her commitment to pursuing her passions with excellence. 
Beyond her academic pursuits, Margaret has excelled in various extracurricular engagements both within and outside of the school. She has an exceptional talent for music and theater, having studied voice, acting, and dance. Her dedication and skill in these areas were recognized when she received a merit scholarship. Margaret has played multiple leading and supporting roles in various school productions, showcasing her versatility and commitment to the performing arts. Furthermore, she has been a valued member of the prestigious Spivey Hall Children's Choir, frequently performing as a soloist and contributing to their outstanding reputation. 

In addition to her artistic endeavors, Margaret has also demonstrated strong leadership skills and a commitment to community building. She played an instrumental role as a member of the officer team in rebuilding the local school Model UN Program, showcasing her organizational abilities and dedication to fostering an inclusive and engaging environment.

Meet Isabella

Meet BellaIsabella "Bella" enrolled in the Georgia Virtual School in January 2021 when the family decided to relocate from Hawaii to Georgia. At the time she was enrolled in another online program, but wanted to bridge into the Georgia School system to ensure she began working on the Georgia High School requirements. As a result of the GaVS program, she was able to maintain her academic studies while also planning and executing the transpacific move with her family. 

Attending a small rural school had its logistics challenges, and through GaVS, Bella was able to supplement her curriculum at McIntosh County Academy with specific courses that helped support her daily transit between the College of Coastal Georgia (CCGA) and the high school. She was able to participate and letter in Varsity Volleyball, Cheer and Soccer, as well as tour colleges, with the flexibility the online options provided. While at CCGA, she received high marks in her classes and was inducted into the Kappa Mu Epsilon Mathematics Honor Society. Additionally, her work was published in CCGA's art and literary magazine "Seaswells."
Bella graduated from McIntosh County Academy as Valedictorian and Star Student and was accepted to Georgia Tech, University of Georgia, Auburn, Ole Miss, Georgia Military College and CCGA. She was waitlisted this year for the U.S. Coast Guard Academy Class of 2027 and elected to attend Georgia Military College in their service Academy scholar prep program. She is in the process of reapplying to USCGA class of 2028. 
A huge debt of gratitude to the teachers and staff of the GaVS program - they were absolutely critical to Bella's success!

Meet Gwen

Meet GwenGwen is an exceptionally dedicated student enrolled in my Spanish IIIB this semester. She has previously taken our Spanish IAB, IIAB, and IIIA courses, excelling in all. In addition to taking Spanish IIIB, this 2023 Spring Semester, she is enrolled in 9th grade - Lit/Comp; GSE Geometry; Physical Science; and Middle School Social Studies. She attends the weekly Synchronous Sessions and enjoys participating in the "Scrabelli" activity. She has been a GaVS student since 2019 and has been awarded a silver medal for her achievement on the 2023 National Spanish Exam.
Her hobby is writing. She recently received a full scholarship from Stanford Winter Journalism Workshop and hopes to publish her first book next year.