School Invoicing Procedures

When a public school student takes a GaVS course as a part of the regular school day, the local school receives their full FTE funding and is then responsible for paying the tuition and GaVS fees.  Each local school has a staff member designated as the GaVS facilitator.  This facilitator approves the payment type for each student taking a course.  Any public school student taking a course as part of the regular school day should have that payment marked as school will pay.

  • At the end of each month, schools will be mailed a statement for tuition owed for students taking a course with GaVS that current semester.
  • This statement will not include any enrollments where the student or parent paid for a course because it was taken outside the regular school day. 
  • The statement must be paid within 30 days of the invoice date.  Currently schools should pay by check.
  • If a student withdraws inside the refund window (within 13 school days of getting course access), a credit will be given to the school.
  • The credit will be applied towards any unpaid GaVS enrollments in the current semester.
  • Any credits remaining at the end of registration period will be refunded to the school.  Click here for the registration timeline,
Tuition Schedule
High school A or B course: $250 tuition
High school AB course: $500 tuition
Middle School course: $250 tuition

Fee Schedule (per semester)
Out of state fee: $150 per course

*If you need to make name or address changes to your invoice, please complete the form HERE.