Summer 2022 High School Course Listings (see Middle School Below)

Summer registration opened March 15. Course offerings are subject to change prior to registration.


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Career, Technical & Agricultural Education (CTAE)


Computer Science Principles AB
Entrepreneurship AB
Food/Nutrition and Wellness AB   
Introduction to Business and Technology AB
Introduction to Digital Technology AB
Introduction to Healthcare Science AB
Legal Environment of Business AB
Marketing Principles AB


Fine Arts





Beginning Music Theory and Comp AB
Music Appreciation I
Personal Fitness**

Core Courses


Language Arts



10th Lit/Comp AB
10th Lit/Comp B
9th Lit/Comp AB
9th Lit/Comp B
American Lit/Comp AB*
American Lit/Comp B*
British Lit/Comp AB
British Lit/Comp B
World Lit AB
World Lit B
  Acc GSE Algebra I/Geometry A-AB*
Acc GSE Algebra I/Geometry A-B*
Acc GSE Geometry B/Algebra II- AB
Acc GSE Geometry B/Algebra II-B
Acc GSE Pre-Calculus AB
Acc GSE Pre-Calculus B
Adv. Math Decision Making AB
Adv. Math Decision Making B
GSE Algebra I A
GSE Algebra I AB*
GSE Algebra I B*
  GSE Algebra II A
GSE Algebra II AB
GSE Algebra II B
GSE Geometry A
GSE Geometry AB
GSE Geometry B
GSE Pre-Calculus AB
Math of Finance AB



Social Studies



Anatomy and Physiology AB
Anatomy and Physiology B
Biology I AB*
Biology I B*
Chemistry I AB
Chemistry I B
Earth Systems AB
Earth Systems B
Environmental Science AB
Environmental Science B
Forensic Science AB
Forensic Science B
Physical Science AB*
Physical Science B*
Physics AB
Physics B

American Government**
Psychology AB
Psychology B
Sociology AB
Sociology B

U.S.History A
U.S. History AB*
U.S.History B*
World Geography AB
World Geography B
World History AB
World History B


World Languages


American Sign Language I AB
American Sign Language I B
American Sign Language II AB
American Sign Language II B
Chinese I AB
Chinese I B
Chinese II AB
Chinese II B
French I AB
French I B
French II AB
French II B
French III AB
German I AB
German I B
German II AB
German II B
German III AB

  Japanese I AB
Japanese I B
Japanese II AB
Japanese II B
Japanese III AB
Latin I AB
Latin I B
Latin II AB
Latin II B
Spanish I A
Spanish I AB
Spanish I B
Spanish II A
Spanish II AB
Spanish II B
Spanish III AB
Spanish IV AB

Middle School Course Listings


Language Arts***





Middle School Language Arts 6 B
Middle School Language Arts 7 B
Middle School Language Arts 8 B
  Middle School Math 6 B
Middle School Math 7 B
Middle School Math 8 B
  Middle School Science 6 B
Middle School Science 7 B
Middle School Science 8 B

Social Studies***

Middle School Social Studies 6 B
Middle School Social Studies 7 B
Middle School Social Studies 8 B

*This course requires a Milestones End of Course Assessment.
**This course is worth .5 Carnegie units and is only offered in semester format, not in block format.
*** Summer middle school courses are condensed versions of the year-long course. These courses are not intended for initial credit, but can be used as review or for remediation.


NCAA approved GAVS courses can be found here (enter six digit CEEB code 110225).