AP Exam Information

The College Board administers AP Exams each year in May. The exams typically take 2-3 hours and include two sections: multiple-choice questions and free-response items such as essays, problem solving, document-based questions and verbal responses.

Students have the opportunity to earn college credit based on the scores earned on the AP Exams. Each college and university has its own policies regarding AP credit and placement. The College Board offers information about AP credit at thousands of colleges and universities at www.collegeboard.org/apcreditpolicy

Students who complete AP Exams with GaVS are encouraged to take AP Exams; however, College Board AP Exams are optional for GaVS students. All GaVS students take final exams in AP courses. College Board AP Exams do not affect grades in GaVS courses.

AP Exam Registration for GaVS Students 
Public and private school students will take AP exams at their schools.  Contact the AP Coordinator to make arrangements.  Payment for AP exams will be made to the public or private school.

Home-schooled students, contact AP Services for the names of schools in your area that offer the exam/s that is needed.  The phone number for AP Services is: 888-225-5427.  Plan to make arrangements with a local school for the AP exams that are needed. Payment for AP exams will be made to the public or private school.

AP Exam Accommodations - Students who request accommodations must submit a request to the College Board.  To submit a request, go to http://professionals.collegeboard.com/testing/ssd/application/apply/eligibility.  If you have questions, call 212-713-8333 or send an email to ssd@info.collegeboard.org.

Please note:  As an online provider, GaVS cannot administer the College Board AP Exams.  So, students who choose to take the College Board AP Exams in May need to make arrangements with a local school in their area.

Would you like more information about earning college credit base on College Board AP Exam scores?  Check out the following link: How to Earn Credit for Your Scores

Questions?  Please email: apinfo@gavirtualschool.org